"Dear Peter...

Thank you very much for all your help in selling my house...Not only were you able to obtain a net price that was higher then any private offer I received, but you continued to look after my interests throughout the process of satisfying the Buyer's conditions.

It is with gratitude that I thank you,"

- O.J.C.

"Last week your sales representative, Peter Powers, successfully completed the sale of our mother's home, the circumstances of which were quite difficult. I would like you to know that Peter not only amazed us but that he also succeeded in changing our biased opinion towards real estate agents..."

- John and June B.

"Dearest Peter,
I cannot find the words to express how grateful we are for your tremendous job with our property.


Thanks very much"

- Ellen N.

"Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for your exceptional effort and special attention to my friend Jane's difficult situation regarding the sale of her house. It has been a huge load lifted from all of our minds. The urgency of the situation was extremely stressful as you probably know.

Thanks again, bless you!"

- Elizabeth and David

"Dear Peter,

Great job selling our home!

You lived up to your promises, your marketing brought in many showings and your weekly updates on the market, the competition and buyer feedback kept us well informed at all times. You advised us when the offers came in and strategically worked the situation until we received a firm offer that was a few thousand dollars higher than our bottom line. Once again, great work!"

- Janice and Bob

"Peter, I am writing you this letter to thank you for the exemplary work you did in selling my house.

I had attempted to sell my house privately as a "For Sale by Owner" for 4 months and had received countless calls from various agents. During this time I had also received a few private offers but found them unsatisfactory.

Your call came at a time when my frustration level was at it's highest and I'm sure I vented a bit of that at you. However, your call was very professional and you genuinely seemed to be interested in helping me solve the problem of selling my home and netting the greatest amount of money. After I had the opportunity of reading some of your testimonial letters I decided to sit down with you to see what exactly you intended to do to back up your promise,

You outlined your marketing plan and explained everything thoroughly.
When I decided to give you the job of selling my home, right from the start I knew I had made the right decision. Everything happened as you had outlined it. You not only kept your word but you went (what I would consider to be) above the call in helping co-ordinate things with my lawyer and my neighbours.

The offers which you presented came quickly and their net to me was higher than any private offer I had received previously.

It is with great joy that I thank you for selling my home and add my
testimonial letter to your ever growing collection. "

- Steven

"Dear Peter:
Please accept this letter as a sincere thank you for your dedication and professionalism regarding the recent sale and purchase of our new home.
Qualities that we admired most in our experience with you are highlighted below:
· Responsive - you have an excellent sense of urgency when working with a client and
understand that decisions need to be made quickly. Responses to our queries and concerns
were always done within a quick timeframe and with accurate information.
· Courteous - you demonstrated professionalism while continuously serving the needs of your
· Excellent sense of the Market - candid recommendations and advice were very much
appreciated by us in a housing market that is laden with uncertainty and fluctuating prices and
circumstances. "

- Robert and Sara

"Dear Peter,
Thank you for handling the sale of our Family Home. Our Mother's passing is a difficult time in our lives and you were able to see us through this in a quick and uncomplicated way.

We must say that we are somewhat in awe at how things happened exactly as you had outlined them, from the day we met you to the day the property was sold you kept us informed of what was happening and what would happen and that is how things ended. It is almost as if you could control every step. We were always at ease and filled with confidence watching you handle our affairs. You said you would have 3 offers of your own and you did. You said we would get over a dozen offers in total and we did.

You coached us on the best strategy for the multiple offer presentations with all the Agents and guided us through the process with a calm professionalism. You worked the Agent's and their offers until we received a price that we were more than willing to accept and that was far above the asking price.

We are grateful to J and J for having referred you to us. We were looking for a high energy agent with exceptional professionalism and we found that in you. We celebrate our collective success and will always consider you in our future Real Estate needs.

All the best! "

- Marley and Val

Thank you for selling our Property.
We had been listed for sale for 6 months with a previous agent and, upon expiring, received over 40 calls from agents wanting to list our home.
We were looking for an agent that would market the home to an end user and not a builder as we felt this would bring us the highest selling price. When you met with us and showed us your experience with buyers and sellers of resale homes and not just builders, we decided to hire you.
Your attention to detail and focused marketing brought us results within the first 3 weeks. You kept every promise you made.
Once again, thank you and please keep us on your mailing list."

- John

"Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much for all your professional guidance in successfully selling our home. Your constructive recommendations based on current real estate market trends have given us the accurate direction and determination.
We would also wish to extend our gratitude to Peter, who has always given us valuable inputs and convinced the buyer to increase his offer during the final negotiations.
We really appreciate the tremendous efforts you and Peter have put into this sale.
Everything was conducted in a proper and timely matter. You and Peter are the best real estate team , and we would recommend you
without any hesitation"

- Ed

"I am sending you this letter to let you know how pleased I am with the service that Doris and Peter Powers provided throughout the sale of my property.
When I had finally decided to sell , the neighbour's daughter made
me an offer enticing me with the prospect of not having to pay a broker's fee. In my meeting with Peter and Doris, I had told them of the details of the offer including the price.
Peter had expressed certainty that even after paying the broker's fee from an offer that would come about as a result of their marketing, my net price would still be significantly higher then the private offer.
After Doris explained to me in detail the method by which they intended to market my property to create a multiple offer situation and how they would manage the negotiation to not only assure the best price but also the best terms, I was confident that Doris and Peter would bring about the successful result I desired.
From the start their service was exceptional. They helped me to prepare the home. They followed a pre-planned marketing schedule and even door-knocked the street to find their own Buyers.
As they had promised, on the night reserved for offer presentation, the multiple offer situation came about. They managed the situation expertly and negotiated a price that was far more than I imagined I could realize for my property.
It is with great satisfaction that I congratulate you on having such wonderful Agents representing your Brokerage. "

- Nora

"We would like to tell you about the great service Peter Powers provided us in helping us to sell our home at , and also with the purchase of our new home at . Peter earned our trust and continued to fill us with confidence every step of the way. From the thorough marketing of our property, to aggressively negotiating to get us the best offer; then finding our new home, and once again negotiating to ensure we got this home at a price we were willing to pay.

The purchase of our new home was unique in that the relationship between the seller and the seller's listing agent had deteriorated to the point where the seller had taken the home off the market. We really wanted this home and Peter managed not only to mend the relationship with the seller, but also to help us purchase the house.

Now, not only do we consider Peter our real estate agent, but also our friend."

- Marshall

"Just a short note thanking you for the wonderful job you did in selling our aunt's home. Many agents talked to our aunt, giving many promises, but we decided to choose you based on your strong track record of successfully selling properties like our aunt's.

Our situation was a little bit out of the ordinary in that our aunt did not wish to be put on the MLS system. Also, being 91 years of age, it was very important that this sale be handled delicately and with the least amount of stress to her. Within a week you managed to bring us a firm offer with a price that was a very pleasant surprise. Throughout, you kept this as a very pleasant, low stress experience and we are very happy with our decision to utilize your services.

We would not hesitate to recommend your services to all- of our friends and family and wish you continued success in helping people like our aunt "

- Michelle and Doug

"Dear Peter:
I want to commend you for the fantastic marketing plans you presented me regarding the sale of my house. Pricing my house under the estimated value resulted in many agents and prospective buyers viewing my home as you had anticipated.

I must say I was hesitant to under price, my house at first, but the fact-that I wanted to sell quickly and wanted maximum exposure made me think this marketing strategy might just work for me. Indeed your plan worked and I am ecstatic with the fact that my house sold
not only for the estimated value of the house, but exceeded that price by thousands of dollars.

The quick sale of my house and additional sale price, which I was not anticipating, will benefit me towards the purchase of my new home. Thanks again for your expertise, knowledge and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others who require a great real estate agent. If I sell another home in the future, you know I will he calling you Peter.

I wish you much continued success."

- Dianne

"We chose Peter Powers to represent the sale of our property in June 2008 during the height of probably the worst real estate market.this city (and country) has seen in two' decades or more - as a seller first and a buyer later.

We interviewed several of the leading real estate agents in our area (Lawrence & Avenue Road) before deciding on Peter as the agent for our property, We felt he was the most forthright, professional, energetic, and practical of all those we interviewed. Above all, we felt he had the interests of his clients front and centre, equally with his own, and we trusted him.

During most of 2008 and early 2009 Peter continued to show us properties of interest, while we were selling our own house. Peter proved to he very knowledgeable about the overall state of properties - resale and new - both for their superficial and/or structural strengths and weaknesses, as well as their problems or potential problems. His knowledge extends to a real understanding of the costs associated with improvements, renovations, and fixing any problems, as well as a thorough understanding of the market values of properties and the areas we were interested in - both historically and current This is all valuable information for a buyer and provides them with the tools
necessary to make the right, informed decisions when purchasing a property .

We can unreservedly recommend Peter as an agent and broker for all those that wish to sell and purchase properties in central Toronto."

- Frank and Linda

"We are writing you this letter to express our appreciation for the exceptional job Peter Powers has done in selling our home.

We had been previously listed with another Broker with no results but still desired to sell our home. Upon having the listing on our home expire, we were inundated with calls from agents. Peter Powers stood out and we decided to hear what he had to say. (He) outlined their marketing with a step by step method of handling the daily task of selling our home.

Nothing was left to chance and their thoroughness, professionalism, energy and experience led us to choose their service. Peter made a feature sheet that truly highlighted the best that our home had to offer. The MLS Agent's Open House created the necessary enthusiasm and momentum that brought immediate showings. He advertised every week in the newspapers, as well as using all the web sites such as Torontomls.net, Mls.ca, Realtor.com, and Homestore.com.

Peter took wise advantage of the exposure that is created by being on the weekend open house tour in this area and did so every opportunity we gave him. He called us weekly and gave us feedback from advertising, agents showings, open house viewings, sign calls and from the showings that Peter had done. He kept us up to date on the weekly activity in the market in our area and addressed all our questions and concerns.
When the offers came, Peter helped to see that we ended up with an offer that had favourable terms and the price we had hoped for.
It is no surprise to us that Peter is experiencing this level of success in our area. His commitment to fulfilling their promises to us, thoroughness, attention to detail, professionalism and energy helped us to not only realize the successful sale of our home, but to enjoy our involvement within the process.

It is with relief and gratitude that we give this letter to be added to Peter's collection. "

- Luke

"Hi Peter!
.Just a quick note thanking you for the great job you did for us.
You advertised every week and did an open house every weekend and it was as a result of the exposure and enthusiasm that you created that the buyer came through at one of your open houses and fell in love with our house.

I remember your initial call telling me that you were working on these people and that you expected an offer within the next few days and, true to your word, that is exactly how it happened.

I 'm grateful that you stood firm in our Corner when the buyers came in
with a low price and tried to justify a lower value for our house. Your unwavering stance and intimations that there may be another offer that could take the house away from them made them come up to our
price. Expert Negotiating!

Once again, thank you and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. "

- Iris

Peter Powers, Broker.
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